Macon Museums & History

Macon Museums & HistoryMacon is a city that prides itself in constantly looking to the future. Great opportunities abound in many areas, and the direction that leads towards more progress is actually determined by the city's illustrious past. The influence of the people, places, stories and events that have all come before is very much alive within the walls of Macon's many impressive museums. These notable facilities have gone above and beyond to preserve various aspects of the city's history to not only use it as a springboard into the future, but to pass it on to future generations. With the help of Macon's museums, visitors are given a memorable way to understand and appreciate the unbreakable link between the past, the present and the future.

Georgia Sports Hall of Fame
Everyone from casual fans to hard-core followers of sports will experience something memorable when visiting the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. This very popular facility is the largest sports hall of fame in the country, and its vastly expansive collection of exhibits, memorabilia and vintage sports items has gained international attention. Among the many highlights, visitors can take part in various interactive exhibits that include a football goal, a NASCAR simulator and a basketball hoop. There's also the equally popular sports-based education exhibit section that spotlights how technology has had an indelible influence on the way sports is played and how it will likely effect its future.

Address: 301 Cherry Street, Macon, GA 31201 - MAP
Phone: (912) 752-1585

Museum of Arts & Sciences
The disciplines of art and science connect in a truly dramatic fashion at the Museum of Arts and Sciences. The recently-expanded facility has added even more highly technological exhibits that combine different scientific elements as well as the added feature of interactivity. As each visitor is drawn into the various presentations, he or she will get a unique opportunity to learn about the creation of various forms of art, explore a scientist's workshop, and even get a firsthand look at various animals' natural habitats.

Address: 4182 Forsyth Road, Macon, GA - MAP
Phone: (478) 477-3232

The Cannonball House & Museum
Echoes of the Civil War still resound in Macon at the historically-rich Cannonball House and Museum. See where an actual cannonball plummeted through the exterior of a white-columned Greek Revival-styled home that eventually stood as a symbol of the nation's struggle against itself. The house is directly adjacent to the Macon Confederate Museum that features actual weapons used in the Civil War, photos, artifacts, uniforms, and crystal and china pieces from the period.

Address: 856 Mulberry Street, Macon, GA 31201 - MAP
Phone: (912) 745-5982

Tubman African American Museum
Despite the various racial and social challenges that African Americans faced throughout the history of Macon, their cultural contributions remain highly significant. Their influence is still felt today, and that fact is celebrated to great effect at Macon's Tubman African American Museum. This fascinating venue houses a truly compelling collection of paintings, sculptures, and other art created by Black, African, American and Caribbean artists and craftspeople. Not only is the museum a forum for art and other related items, but is also a valuable educational resource. Reference materials are available here that include books, videos and other materials that focus on the history of Black Americans and their various struggles. The museum's gift shop sells handcrafted jewelry, paintings, posters, recordings and many other unique items.

Address: 310 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201 - MAP
Phone: (478) 743-8544